Sunday, January 12, 2014

After Christmas Haul

About a week ago, I took advantage of all of the after christmas sales at my local mall and blew all of my christmas money, but it was definitely worth it. Here is some of the items I bought:

Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works was having a major sale! They had a selection of full-size body sprays for $5 as opposed to the regular priced $15 sprays. Naturally, I had to take advantage of this shopportunity.

I have been loving these sprays for years. They smell amazing but aren't as strong as perfume, which is perfect for daytime. I bought one of the new scents Beautiful Day, which smells lovely and reminds me of spring. However, when buying it I didn't realize that it did not fall under the $5 deal because it was new and ended up paying the normal price.


For Christmas, I received a new bag and needed a new wallet to match. I was so excited when I found this green Michael Kors wallet. I love the color and it matches the black bag perfectly.


I normally don't shop in this store but they were having amazing markdowns on some of the TOMS. My previous TOMS were very worn, and I needed replacements, so I stopped in and bought a pair for $20 off the normal price.


Pink was in the midst of its semi-annual sale with affordable prices, I had to browse. I did not really have intentions on buying anything, but I loved the color and fit of this tee. It is perfect for lounging and studying for the new semester.

Forever 21

My final stop was Forever 21. I found a letterman-jacket-inspired cardigan that I absolutely loved, and the detailing on the buttons was one of my favorite features. It was in the sale section and was only $9.99, which was definitely a plus.

I also bought this blue maxi skirt. I have been in search of a mint green maxi skirt in this same kind of flowy material, and while I did not find that, I did like this dark blue one (and its perfect for spring!)

Right now, I am really loving the nautical style, which is quite obvious through my accessory purchases. It reminds me of the water, beach, and sun, which is what I long for during these cold months.

Have a lovely January!


  1. Wow amazing things. I wish there was a Bath & Body Works in the Netherlands...

    xx Esther

  2. love the forever21 jewellery X