Monday, July 29, 2013

What's in my Bag?

As I have been reading and watching lots of other blogs/ vlogs, I have really enjoyed their What's in my Bag posts, so I decided I would also feature a What's in my Bag.

Here is my bag:

It is a cross body from Juicy Couture that I had received from my parents about a week ago for my birthday. They had gotten it for almost $100 less than the original price, which is one thing I really like about Juicy Couture. (They usually have a lot of really good sales!) The bag is bright orange, and the material is nylon, so I really like the feel of the material. I think that the bright orange adds a pop of color to neutral colored outfits, and the chain with material running through it reminds me of a Channel purse that I have had my eye on. Also, the tassel-on-purse style has been trending. When I was in Florida a month ago, there were quite a few purses sporting tassels when I went into the Michael Kors store.

Here are the contents of my bag:

Above: Touristy things from Europe (that I need to clean out)  
From Top to Bottom:  a hair tie, Nivea A Kiss of Shimmer Lip balm, a District of Columbia Metro Card, my Passcard from the trip, some business cards, a ticket from a ballet I saw, and a ticket from a Capitol tour 
From top to bottom: sweet pea hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works, my C9 running watch from Target, pens, and my car keys (I really like the key chain: "Born to shop...FORCED to work".)  
Above: my Coach wallet (I had gotten during a massive sale at an outlet mall) containing European and American currency (not worth a lot...haha), my driver's license, receipts, and movie ticket stubs
I realize now how badly my bag needs to be cleaned out. :) What do you all have in your bags?

Have a lovely day!


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