Wednesday, October 16, 2013

International Music Festival

Hello Lovelies! I know its been a while since my last post. I have been crazy busy, but I am hoping to have time to post more often.

Recently, I attended an amazing international music festival called the Lotus Music Festival. I absolutely love these events because I get to listen to music that I normally would not have heard of. I would highly recommend checking out any of these bands. Here are some highlights:

Debo Band:
Soul & funk from Ethiopia. They were incredibly energetic. At one point, the lead singer was jumping through the crowd. The music is a really cool sound to it, and the instrumentals are amazing. The music is definitely worth checking out!

Above: Debo Band at the Lotus Festival

Above: Debo Band performing "Lantchi Biye" (video courtesy of Youtube)

Pacific Curls: South Pacific & Celtic roots music. This music is much more laid back but sounds equally amazing. The band has a really cool sound and vocals!

Above: Pacific Curls performing(video courtesy of Youtube)

Nomadic Massive: Canadian Hip-hop. This band was definitely one of my favorite acts. There was so much energy. For one song, the entire crowd was screaming with the band! (Sorry for the bad quality of the was difficult to get a good picture.)
Above: Nomadic Massive Performing at Lotus

Above: Nomadic Massive's "Reveye" Music Video

Funkadesi: A combination of Indian, African, Latin American, and Caribbean music. They started their set by walking through the crowd to get through the stage, and their performance consisted of lots of dancing! 

Above: Funkadesi performing at the Lotus Festival

Above: Funkadesi performing (video courtesy of Youtube)

This was my second time attending the Lotus Fest. Some highlights from last year include:

Hanggai: a really cool Mongolian band. 

Above: Hanggai performing "Xiger Xiger," one of my favorite songs by them!

Movits!: a Swedish band. (This one was one of my favorites from both years.)
Above: Movits! performing "Sammy Davis Jr."

I hope you liked these bands as much as I did! I absolutely love international music! Do you have any international bands that you would suggest? 

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